Saturday, April 14, 2012

In sum

There was one meeting that began like this: "So did Toronto discover you? Or did you really become this good in just one year? Did we toss your application last time because we're snobs?"

And I was honest: "You know, I don't know which story is the right one."

But I do know this: last time I applied to six universities, only one of which was in the top-20, and I got five rejections and one wait-list (and that for a different program than the one for which I had originally applied). This time I applied to nine schools, seven of which were in the top-20, and I got six offers, two (extended) wait-list offers, and only one definitive rejection. 

Obviously, who you know and where you've studied matters. But so does a writing sample of an appropriate length and quality. I'd like to think my successes this time were due to a blend of both, hopefully more of the latter than the former. In the end though, the most important thing is that the system was flexible enough to give me a chance, because, as it turns out, that was all I needed. 

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