Thursday, February 16, 2012

This week

Reading (and finally finishing) Love in a Time of Cholera (Garcia Marquez). This was one of my philosopher's Christmas presents to me. I loved the book, really loved it. It didn't have the magical flair of One Hundred Years of Solitude, but I appreciated the fact that it centered on individual characters and their development (instead of on whole generations of a family with a penchant for giving its sons identical names). And I especially enjoyed the way this unusual love story unfolds against the overlap of two eras.

Watching The Thin Red Line (Terence Malick). I invited a friend to see Malick's Tree of Life with me last summer. For me, that movie was sheer joy, but there were audience members at our showing who walked out in the first twenty minutes. If you were one of those people, you might consider giving Malick another chance with Red Line. The film has almost all the elements I loved about Life, but without the 20-minute nature scenes (although it does clock in at almost three hours!) It's a little about love and death, and a lot about courage; and it raises more questions than it answers (which is my kind of movie!)

Planning my itinerary for the next month. Tomorrow kicks off the chaos with an overnight flight to Greensboro (where I will get to see my philosopher for the first time since November!) So far, I will for sure be in North Carolina, New Jersey, and Illinois. Two of these are for conferences, the third for a campus visit. I also have a tentative trip to Ontario on the calendar (though I don't have the official word on that yet). Will there be more trips to squeeze in? Who knows.

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