Saturday, March 11, 2006

In the Bookstore

I discovered Second Chance Books last summer when we were driving through our soon-to-be-new town in our soon-to-be-new state. We found the second-hand book store almost by accident, right in the middle of our drive home. Actually, it was by accident.

Being the bibiliophiles that we are, we couldn't resist stopping for a quick peek. And forty-five minutes later (which was really a "quick peek" for us) we were piling out of the store with arms full of books. There was something for everyone: Harold Bell Wright, P.G. Wodehouse, Gardening Graphics, children's books (and I use the generic term because I really can't remember what we bought anymore).

The next few months, as we prepared to move, I kept my memory of Second Chance Books polished and close to my heart. It was something to look forward to in a maze of goodbyes. Something that brought pleasure in the midst of chaos.

Since our move, we've been back only a few times. Mama doesn't like to go too often because our kind of book browsing is hard on the pocket book.

Today, in between trips to our storage unit where we are disposing of the excess of our "632 pieces of 'household' goods", I managed to make it over to Second Chance Books for a trade-in. I had a whole pile of books in varying states of newness and decay, and I racked up a tidy sum on my in-store account for handing them over. So did B. We were both well-pleased when the book-vendor showed us the figures on our index cards. Not bad for a few minutes of picking up unused/old books around the house.

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